How to Apply

A completed application form is always required. This can be
downloaded by clicking on the Application Form below.

Together with:

     • A breakdown of the budget for the project
     • A copy of the latest Annual Accounts
     • A copy of the most recent bank statement for the Charities
       account into which an award should be paid if successful.
     • Applications should be sent single sided and unstapled.

The completed application form should be sent to the
Administrator together with a copy of the applicant's most
recent accounts to reach him not later than the deadline for
the relevant meeting.

The deadline dates: 1st February, 1st June, 1st October,
No later than 12 pm noon on that date.  If the 1st of the Month
falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday then the deadline date for
applications would be the last working day before.

If the application form gives too little space for the project to
be described adequately, up to two additional A4 sheets can
be accepted.

Completed applications are not acknowledged, but applicants
are welcome to email or telephone the Administrator to check
that they have arrived safely.

If in any doubt about the best way to complete the application
form, including the size of the grant to be requested, applicants
are strongly advised to telephone the Administrator who will
be glad to advise.

We fund up to £5,000 but most of our award are between £500 - £3,000. 
Once the Trustees have made their decision the successful applicants
will be informed initially by phone. All applicants will be notified by letter.

All awards are paid by BACS transfer which is why a copy of the bank
statement is vital to your application. Successful applicants must
acknowledge receipt of the payment in writing.

Feedback is very important to us, and Evaluation Form will be sent
out with the offer letter and must be returned within 6 months.
Failure to do so will bar future applications.

The policy of the Trustees is that capital funding is strongly
preferred, but some revenue requests might be accepted in
particular circumstances. The Trustees like to see some
element of self-help from applicants. 

What is not funded:

  • Applicants from outside Merseyside and Wirral
  • Individuals
  • Any form of sponsorship
  • Religious bodies Places of worship - unless there is significant community use
  • Political organisations Pressure groups
  • Where funding from statutory bodies is, or should be available
  • Schools seeking Specialist Status
  • Return applicants less than 2 years after a successful application
  • Any form of memorial

We have made the Application Form
available as a downloadable PDF,
Microsoft Word Document or printable image.

Application Form:
PDF format - requires Adobe Reader
Word format - requires Microsoft Word 

Alternatively, please print off the following JPEG images;
Page 1 / Page 2

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